Why Should Sustainability Be a Key Focus of the Plastic Bottle Industry?

Find out why your plastic bottle manufacturing company should switch focus in response to the growing interest in sustainability.

Throughout the world, sustainability has become a hot topic. Not only are individuals taking the necessary steps to protect the planet but also multiple industries. It’s especially important for a bottle-making company that uses a plastic molding machine to adopt eco-friendly strategies.

After all, injection blow molding machinery consumes a lot of energy. Then, there’s the issue of wasted materials. Many companies feel prompted to make a change based on these two things alone. Consider this, consumers buy roughly one million plastic bottles per minute. In just one day, that equals 1.3 billion bottles. Annually, the number skyrockets to more than 480 billion.

Those numbers show how critical it is for injection blow molding manufacturers to take a stand. For one thing, reducing their carbon footprint gives these companies a sense of pride. For another, a lot of customers prefer to work with sustainable companies. So, doing the right thing is a great way to enjoy continued success.

Changing Focus to Sustainability

The sheer volume of plastic bottles that injection blow molding manufacturers produce is a viable reason to switch focus. In particular, a lot of watch groups have concerns about plastic polluting landfills and oceans. So, bottle-making companies need to show they’re invested by becoming environmentally friendly.

It’s unlikely that the demand for plastic bottles will decrease. Even so, companies that utilize injection blow molding machinery still need to make changes. Just because your company isn’t sustainable today doesn’t mean you can’t get there. By making the right decisions, you can continue to manufacture superior products, just in a slightly different way.

As more and more consumers turn away from plastics, now’s the time to adopt new strategies. With a little innovation, you can use the same machine to produce bottles yet support a healthy planet.

Viable Solutions Used by Leading Injection Blow Molding Manufacturers

Within the past few years, several injection blow molding manufacturers developed and implemented new processes. Today, they’re more sustainable.

Below are some of the creative ways that plastic bottle manufacturers improved on sustainability:

  • Light weighting – By implementing the light weighting strategy into injection blow molding machinery, manufacturers can produce lighter bottles of high integrity. They can also use less resin or recycled material to make premium products. Another benefit is that the machines don’t consume as much energy.
  • All-Electric Machines – Some manufacturers are considering all-electric machines. Already, the top brands perform optimally while using roughly 15 percent less energy.
  • Recycled Materials – To achieve sustainability, more and more manufacturers use recycled or mono materials with a plastic molding machine.
  • Solar Power – There’s even a manufacturer that had solar panels installed to operate its facility. What makes this so impressive is that this particular company has a large-scale operation. However, it’s able to run all its injection blow molding machinery without any concern of interruption or downtime.
  • Two-Stage Technology – One company developed a two-stage technology. When integrated with injection blow molding machinery, it produces even more sustainable PET bottles.
  • Foam Insulation – In 2019, a German and Brazilian company teamed up to develop a lightweight, three-layer bottle made from HDPE. Inside the outer and inner layers is foam made of virgin PE biopolymer. Then there’s a center layer filled with 70 percent recycled resin.
  • Dura-Lite – One company launched a product called Dura-Lite. It’s made with 20 percent less resin compared to similar products. Available in quart, half-gallon, and gallon sizes, the company already sold more than 800 million bottles. This proves what a plastic molding machine and lightweight yet rigid HDPE material can do.
  • Innovative Bottle Caps – Another joint venture resulted in a cap made of HDPE that stays connected to a bottle’s neck. These companies came up with the unique concept in response to a new single-use plastics law in Europe.

What It Comes Down To

Both injection blow molding manufacturers and companies that provide blow molding services are making great strides towards sustainability. Instead of seeing this as something bad, they consider it an opportunity to do better.

More manufacturers now rely on advanced injection blow molding machinery, recycled materials, and innovative strategies. To stay competitive in a world where some people shy away from plastic, make your company more sustainable. Continue to use cutting-edge machinery and quality materials but in different ways.

Long-term, changing your focus to sustainability will make it easier to grow and expand your business. It starts by choosing equipment from one of the best injection blow molding machine manufacturers. That’s where PET All Manufacturing can assist. Call us today for professional and personalized service.

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