Science Olympiad

NSO 2022

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad Foundation conducts every year the National Science Olympiad. Students of classes 1 to 12 all over the country. Students can participate in the science Olympiad just to enhance their science knowledge. they come to know where they stand in knowing the concepts of science. For the detailed syllabus, study material, and to practice previous year sample papers students can visit the Online website: https://www.schoolconnectonline.com/

Students can get free study materials to download from the school connect online website.

As a result of the preparation, you can get a syllabus, sample papers, and other resources to prepare for NSO.

You can get all details here.

The main aim of NSO is to find out future scientists to develop new things, technicians, and IT-related talent for our country.

NSO participants are ranked based on their 1st Level performance. Students can evaluate themselves academically at four different levels after taking the first level of the test: within the school, at the local level, at the state level, and, most importantly, at the international level.

The following students are eligible for the 2nd level exam:

  • the top 5% of students in each class who take the 1st level exam,

  • the top 25% of students in each state who take the 1st level exam, and

  • However,when at least 10 students from a class take the exam and obtain 50% qualifying marks because the class topper from each participating school

Students in classes 1 and 2 are not required to take the second-level exam and are instead ranked based on their first-level performance. The NSO is a one-level test.

Syllabus for NSO:

in this paragraph we will discuss:

  • the science olympiad is divided in such a way so that students can get to understand the topics easily and can attempt the olympiad very easily.
  • Since its inception, the NSO exams have been a great way to assess a student’s knowledge in many disciplines. The syllabus covers mainly the topics that are covered in school-based exams. These types of science olympiads encourage students to be as competitive as they can be to enhance their knowledge.
  • SCO olympiad 2022 is a program to encourage students to learn knowledge of science so that they can aim higher and higher.
  • As you know olympiads provide a comprehensive assessment of students’ proficiency in various subjects. It paves way for a steady path towards attaining their dream. students are encouraged to grow on an academic level. participating students are assessed based on their scientific reasoning and logical ability.

some other important types of SCO olympiads are

1. Maths Olympiad

2. Coding Olympiad

3. Artificial Intelligence Olympiad

4. Cyber Olympiad.

Where to Register?

  • You can register in any of the olympiads through the school connect online platform.
  • SCO is an integrated learning platform for students incubated by Startup Oasis, Jaipur an initiative of CIIE -Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. (IIM-A).
  • School Connect Online is the first platform to give instant but accurate solutions to the Olympiad exams. It is useful for self-analysis by the students.
  • By attempting the science olympiad you can prove yourself as a determined science student who can achieve success in the field of science.

Good Luck!

Register here.

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