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The Complete Monday.com Review on Pricing, Features, Pros, and Cons

The Complete Monday.com Review on Pricing, Features, Pros, and Cons

Monday.com is an online collaboration tool that teams use to organize their work and stay updated on all deadlines. It is not just a project management application and has many additional features which can help companies rearrange themselves. It includes a collection of highly customized spreadsheets that help all team members log in their tasks. This Monday.com review demonstrates how easy it is for users to see their pending tasks and track progress.

Monday.com software makes it possible for users to pass work on from one team member to the next. New users can quickly jump in on a project and tasks can be reassigned if someone is unavailable. Monday.com has a modern interface with an attractive layout. It is very easy to use and is one of the most competitive options on the market given its straightforward subscription options. 

If you have used work management software before then Monday.com reviews say it will not be difficult to get used to. It has a simple dashboard and is known for its flexibility towards the user’s needs. There are a lot of integration options available and the value for money is unmatched. The vendor is also generous with their free trial offers to beginners and startups. 

Monday.com Pricing Plans

Monday.com has a free trial available to everyone for free for two weeks. Users can sign up with no financial obligations or credit card information. However, once the 14 days are over, they will have to pay for an account. The pricing rubric is based on many factors and the final cost depends on the number of users on each team, service tier, and length of subscription. 

Monday.com pricing does not depend on the number of users but there are specific plans for a group of a certain number. A team of five people can get started at $49 per month whereas a company of 20 employees will have to pay $199 per month. These plans are not customizable and a company of 16 users has to pay for 20 people. The closer the team is to the plan size capacity, the more reasonable their subscription rates will be.

Monday.com Overview

Monday.com reviews state that it provides users with a more collaborative way to create spreadsheets and it has many features that help users do more with less. The platform is available as a web application or an Android/iOS application.  

The basic setup includes a simple grid and users choose what they want to see in it. What should have been sheets in Excel are referred to as boards. Users can view more than one at the same time. Monday.com shares many similarities with Kanban apps and there is a board-style view they can utilize to view all the pending tasks on one screen. 

Every row represents a task and or any item that users want to track. The columns indicate specific attributes of every task such as which member it was assigned to and the deadlines. The columns can be defined by the users however they want along with the selections available to users.  

On Monday.com software there can be a column dedicated to the status of the task indicating how close it is to completion. If the task is relevant to a sales order then each column can indicate the status of the sales cycle, payment, and delivery. The accounting department can update the payment information while the fulfillment company will be responsible for the delivery.  

The sheet can have as many columns as required to complete the sales process. They can add one for every task until the item is delivered and in the hands of the customer. It makes employees responsible for completing their work on time and also creates a collaborative workflow where everyone can contribute towards the end goal.

Standout Features

Once the users begin, they will be able to explore the different viewing options they can use for the boards. The spreadsheet default view is called a table and there is also a calendar view for boards with dates. The map view is more suitable for boards that require details regarding the physical location.  

There are also Kanban boards, charts, and timeline views. The Monday.com reviews say it lacks Gantt charts but the Timeline view is an acceptable alternative. The features and functionality are the same no matter what it is called. Tasks are added in the spanner bars and contain all information regarding the dates and remaining work. The only difference between it and a Gantt chart is the lack of dependencies. 

It is easier to discuss work with teammates using the conversation sidebar attached to the view. These comments can be specific to any row and there are a few tabs that allow users either to post an update or flag an item. There are options to like comments and reply to them specifically to alert a particular user.

The software has specific information boxes where users can add notes, files, answer questions and discuss their work. There are many different ways for a team to communicate and they can keep track of what everyone is up to through the activity lab. It contains a complete history of all tasks and actions related to a specific row.


  • Monday.com reviews mention it has a modern user interface that pleasingly presents all the information.
  • It is completely customizable according to the team and their particular industry.
  • The in-app automation settings make it easier for teams to program certain tasks to repeat themselves whenever a certain event triggers them. 
  • The software comes with many built-in templates for users to customize or edit their views.


  • The pricing plans are very complicated and take a long time to understand. They are also not customizable and can be budget-heavy for teams that are on the lower limit of the capacity. 
  • The navigation options are not consistent with the interface or any part of the layout.  
  • The vendor only offers a 14-day trial which is not enough time to explore all the features and functions included in the application. 

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