Top 7 Features of Elation EMR

Elation EMR is a clinically focused cloud-based electronic medical record system designed for physicians looking for an ONC-ATCB certified EMR and patient scheduling, a patient portal, e-prescribing, and e-faxing. You can access the software through a web browser on either a Mac or a PC. 

Primary care physicians are under unsustainable pressure to balance patient care with compliance and documentation requirements. Elation alleviates this burden, allowing independent practices and primary care organizations to concentrate on what is most important: providing exceptional care. 

Elation EMR software is ideal for clinicians who work in small group primary care clinics and provide long-term care. Elation’s health record’s three-pane view offers doctor a comprehensive view of the patient’s medical history. 

Elation EMR Features 

Appointment Management 

EMR software helps you track your appointments and make sure nobody misses any visits. It helps manage appointments so you can see as many patients as possible in a single day. In addition, it reminds patients about their appointments to reduce the chances of no-shows. You can view this feature in detail during the Elation EMR demo.  

Patient Satisfaction 

Elations’ primary goal is to attract patients’ attention to increase clinical outreach by expanding the client base. Retaining patients is complex, but Elation EMR makes it look simple. For example, it improves patient retention by reducing wait times and automating tasks such as check-ins. 

Elation EMR makes appointment scheduling easier. It also has an active patient portal to keep communication channels open. Furthermore, it ensures transparency in treatment programs, instilling trust in healthcare services in patients. 

Patient Portal 

The Elation EMR software offers a patient portal that relieves you of your administrative duties. The portal is beneficial for both patients and providers. Thanks to the portal, the patients can communicate with you, review their health records, and pay bills digitally. In addition, patients can schedule appointments using the patient portal, saving you from having to call them all the time.  

The Elation EMR Software also reduces no-shows and last-minute cancellations, increasing revenue for your medical practice. In addition, the portal allows you to focus on your patients by eliminating redundant duties as a medical provider. You can view the portal capabilities during the Elation EMR demo.  

Electronic Prescription 

EMR software allows you to send prescriptions to the pharmacies of your patients’ choice, resulting in better patient care and clinical outcomes. The software also sends out timely warnings about potential drug interactions and allergies. According to Elation EMR reviews, this feature is beneficial as it ensures patient safety. 

Overall, your medical practice’s e-Prescription function can help you save time and money. You can test this functionality in a real-time healthcare setting during the Elation EMR demo. 

Medical Templates 

Custom templates are handy for your medical practice because they help with documentation. For your convenience, the Elation EMR includes hundreds of different templates, which you can view during the Elation EMR demo. 

Furthermore, the software assists you in selecting the most practical template while also helping you optimize your processes. According to EMR reviews, this feature streamlines the patient charting process.  

Quick Documentation 

EMR Software includes several tools for dealing with paperwork. It efficiently handles all operations, from filing patient charts to transferring data to portals. As a result, you can save time that would otherwise be spent manually scribbling down progress notes. 

This health IT solution includes speech recognition technology to assist with data entry. Furthermore, automating the database reduces the risk of document loss. According to EMR reviews, all patient records are centralized, making data access much more accessible. 

Virtual Consultations 

Connecting with patients remotely is simple with EMR software. It provides all patients with a powerful telemedicine service that allows remote treatment. The software also offers audio and video interactions. During online appointments, you can even study the clinical summaries. Also, the Elation EMR demo is one of the best ways to evaluate this feature. This feature makes elation the best emr for urgent care.

Elation EMR Pricing 

Elation EMR offers three pricing tiers to its users. Furthermore, it provides monthly and annual billing options to accommodate the budgets of all medical professionals. 

  • Direct Care: This strategy is intended for providers of direct care services. It is available through membership and instant payment. The monthly fee is $349, or $270 per year. 
  • Insurance: EMR charges $399 per month and $314 annually for insurance firms and services. To assist with insurance procedures, it relies on sophisticated coding capabilities. 
  • Enterprise: EMR software recognizes that no two healthcare facilities have the exact requirements. As a result, it offers a completely customizable plan for enterprise-level institutions. 

Elation EMR Demo 

During the Elation EMR demo, you can explore various features in a realistic healthcare setting. For example, you can see how the patient portal works and how patients can benefit from its multiple capabilities. Furthermore, a demo is beneficial because it allows you to evaluate the software in person rather than just reading about it. 

Elation EMR Reviews 

If you’re curious about what current users think of Elation Software, we can tell you that it has a positive user rating across multiple online sources. Furthermore, users praise EMR for its ease of use and robust features that help your practice grow! 


  • Reduces the care gap to improve care delivery. 
  • Excellent after-care services are available. 
  • It comes with an interactive dashboard. 
  • The software pays close attention to off-site interactions. 


  • The smartphone app needs to have more features.  
  • The software lacks integration capabilities. 

Our Recommendations 

Elation’s ONC-certified HIPAA-compliant EMR provides a clinical-first experience, allowing primary care physicians and their practices to provide exceptional patient care. The software’s various features are worth the Elation pricing. 

We recommend scheduling an EMR demo if you want to examine the software in real-time and decide if it’s worth the investment. Therefore, the demo will assist you in analyzing the various features and determining whether or not they meet your practice needs. Furthermore, you can read Elation EMR reviews to learn about the software from the perspective of current.

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