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Ways to Curb Suicidal Thoughts

Stress is wreaking havoc in our lives. When we feel things are not under our control or are going haywire, a lot of us get suicidal thoughts. Such thoughts can be very hard to deal with and it is possible that people around us cannot understand them. In some cases, such thoughts may be fleeting, whereas some people might have really strong urges.

Even if a person feels that they might not act on such thoughts, it is vital to take them seriously and nip them in the bud. It is better to address such feelings than shove them under the carpet because you never know if they might take over you with a sharp grip. Join suicide awareness programs so that you have a better understanding of your problem and know ways how to address such a situation.

There is nothing to be afraid of in life. Keep in mind that your life is precious and there is nobody or situation that should compel you to end it. ASIST is one of its kind workshop that teaches people various life-saving skills. It is known to empower people so that they do not succumb to the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and end up taking their own life.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you curb suicidal thoughts and stay on track:

  1. Finding Ways to Solve your Problems– Life can be full of problems. However, you need to focus on ways to handle those problems. Search for ways out and discuss with people near you or professionals how you can come out of such thoughts. You can join suicide awareness programs so that your ideas of suicide get sublimated. As per research 1 out of every 10 adults think about suicide. So, this is not an uncommon thing. It is important to manage your suicidal thoughts so that their frequency and seriousness wane over time. Make a list of solutions that you feel you can have for your problem. Determine which solution will lead to the best outcomes and then try to come out with your problem. Right thinking and strategizing will make things clear and you will come out of your problems faster than you imagine.
  2. Ponder Over Reason Why You Need to Live- Sometimes when we lose hope, suicide seems to be the only solution. In such a case, think about the reasons why you need to live. For example, you might have a loving husband or a child to whom your life means a lot. Remind yourself of all this and you will come out of suicidal thoughts in a jiffy. Write down your reasons for living. When you read all this, your feelings of negativity and pessimism will go away. Positive thoughts come with practice. Everyone needs to put in the effort to stay on the right track.
  3. Think About People You Love- When you think about people you love, you will be able to deviate your thoughts into positive things. Nobody would want to leave people whom they love. It can be your children, your parents, your spouse, etc. When you think about the misery that you might put them into because of your death, you will immediately come back on the right path.
  4. Jot Down things that helped you- Remind yourself of things that have helped you get out of suicidal thoughts in the past. When you reach out to a help group or to someone who has been the right influence on you, it will get you back on track. You can maintain a journal of good memories. Also, abstain from drinking or use of drugs as this can have a detrimental impact on your mental health.
  5. Do Not Stay Alone– When you are feeling low, avoid staying alone. When you stay alone the tendency to take a wrong action multiplies drastically. Stay with your friends or family members and tell them about what is going on in your mind. Talking to a trusted friend helps a lot. You must open up your feelings. Most suicides happen because people keep their felling bottled inside. Talking will help you fight feelings of abandonment and loneliness.
  6. Join a Support Group– It is a brilliant idea to join a support group. You need to help yourself before others help you. When you go to such a group, you will meet other people battling with similar things. Together and with help of counseling sessions, you will be able to get out of your problem. Never undermine the importance of taking the help of others. You never know what thought or guidance can strike the right chord and put your thoughts in the right direction.
  7. Do Things that Bring Joy– Everyone has things that bring joy to them. It can be a hobby or just doing what your heart tells you. For example, if dancing makes you feel happy, join a dance group. You will automatically have your suicidal thoughts gone. In a lot of people, such thoughts come due to a lack of joy. So, make conscious efforts to identify what brings happiness and joy to you and then incorporate them into your life. Life is beautiful. All you need to do is focus on that thought and bring in the lost joy. With the right steps, suicidal feelings will dissipate and in long run, they might not even come back to haunt you.

So, these are some of the tips that can help you prevent and fight suicidal tendencies. There is nothing that should propel you to take your life. If you have any mental health issues, consult the right doctor for medication. Identify the trigger situations and try to steer clear of them. For instance, if drinking is your trigger, say no to alcohol. Get in touch with a good mental health counselor and consider a treatment plan.

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