What is Face Value in Stock Market

The face value of a share is the original price of the stocks, which the company shows on the share certificate. Face value generally is confused with the market value of a stock. For instance, if you check the face value of Paytm share, right now, it is Rs 10, and the market value is above Rs 2,000. So, how does all this work? 

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Face Value of a Share

Face value is the nominal value of a stock allocated by the company before drawing on the Initial Public Offer (IPO). It is the value of each share shown in the share certificate. The face value ranges from Rs 1, Rs 2, Rs 5, Rs 10, or as the company might consider appropriate. But, the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has agreed on Rs 1 as the minimum threshold value while placing the face value of shares.

Face value is acquired by using two essential components: share capital and the outstanding number of shares. 

How does the Face Value of a Share Work?

In the case of a bond investment, the primary value is the debtor’s price at the maturity date, considering that the bond issuer does not back out. But the bonds which are issued on the subsidiary market will change at bank rates. For example, if the inflation is above the bond issue price, the bond is provided at a discount rate. On the other hand, if the price is less than the discount rate of the bond, the bond is highly-priced. However, the face value of a bond provides a guaranteed earning; the face value of a stock is normally fragile precognition of the real thing.

In face value and the shares of a company, the total face value of the company’s assets to be the original capital that the business is compelled to hold. In addition, the money might be given to the shareholders as dividends. The funds which hold the face value are a form of default return.

Importance of Face value

The face value plays a crucial role in deciding the actual state of the company in the market. It is chosen for calculating the real price of the interest on the shares and the bonds. If the businesses find out they placed their face value inadequately, they won’t sell shares at a low price to meet asset requirements. At present, companies generally have the face value of a section of a cent. Various businesses allow companies to declare that their stock does not have a face value. 

Face value is necessary for entrepreneurs who have started a new company. The capitalization rate is suitably developed if the company keeps an estimate of every stock. Stocks are then traded at a higher price than the real market value, resulting in extra charges that would be revealed in a company’s book value.

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Difference between Face Value and Market Value

Face Value Market Value
1. The company decides face value of the stock. 1. Market value is dependent upon the result of the outstanding shares of the company and the market capitalization.
2. The company finds out the face value when the issues are shared. 2. The market value is the actual value of the stock in which it is being traded in the stock market.
3. The face value of a stock doesn’t change regularly. 3. While the market value is highly liquid and keeps changing.

Bottom Line

If you have a company, you must know about the face value of your company’s stocks. Sound knowledge of face value is necessary for traders to fathom the real market value of securities. The terminologies such as face value, book value, fair value, and market value might bear a resemblance. However, they have divergent values in businesses. 

To end this discussion, I hope that this article was helpful to you. I hope that you understood the face value of shares as they play a crucial role in trading easily in the stock market. If you want to become a pro in stock market then you can join a good stock market institute. The Thought Tree is one such institute that provides best stock market institute in Jaipur

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