Everything You Need to Know About Hoarding Panels With Regulations

Properties of Printed Hoarding Panels 

An ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) sheet of material known as a Hoarding panel has a standard sheet size of 1220 x 2440mm with a thickness of 3mm. For outdoor advertising purposes, the panels have a White Polyester painted face that is ready to take the printed images, which are subsequently laminated in a variety of finishes to protect them. With the panels, we also provide headers and kickers that run along the structure’s top and bottom, shielding those screw holes and allowing for some panel movement when dealing with elevations and uneven runs.

Construction Site Hoarding: For security, safety, and marketing purposes 

Just a few of the advantages of building hoardings are outlined here.

Indispensable Safety 

For the general public, construction sites may be dangerous, particularly if they decide to stroll about unprotected. Among these threats include moving automobiles, uneven terrain, and falling items, among others.  It is imperative that all hoarding firms take your safety into consideration.

A Secured Construction Project 

Petty theft on construction sites is on the increase, according to recent studies. Hoarding installation is similar in function to commercial fences. Hoardings may function as deterrents, making it difficult for a thief to climb, if designed correctly. Construction sites may benefit from additional protection provided by the experts, which includes the installation of gates and doors with digital locks. As a result of their height, construction site hoardings are also likely to limit the likelihood of theft. 


Ad hoarding boards are an essential feature of any project that involves a large number of people commuting and travelling.

Keeps the Site Secretive

Construction site hoarding, like feather edge commercial fence, adds to the mystery. Preventing others from seeing a partially completed job is a major benefit. Why not include advertising hoarding boards into your overall marketing plan? Hoarding installation is essential for building sites since it provides several advantages and has no drawbacks.

  • In order to show an advertisement, a person must inform the local planning authority in writing and provide a copy of the appropriate planning licence in order to do so.
  • The maximum size to display an  ad is 38 square metres. Nothing in the advertising  should rise over the  height of 4.6 metres.
  • The advertising hoarding panels should not be seen for longer than three years.
  • Printed hoardings are not permitted in protected regions such as outside of national parks and special zones. 

Great Ideas for Using Your Hoarding Wall to its Fullest Potential.

Make the Most of Your Space

Because a hoarding wall takes up a lot of room, you’ll want to make the most of it. You won’t have to worry about fitting all you want to say on your sign as you would with other forms of signage.

Consistency with Your Brand Is Essential.

One of your first opportunities to display your new brand may be on your hoarding wall. If you already have a brand, make sure that your colours, logo, text, and pictures are all the same across all platforms.

Focus on the Essentials

Reduce the length of your content and make sure that it is easily readable from a distance. As a result, you’ll be able to reach a significantly broader group of potential customers.

Bring Your Own Originality to the Table

Your hoarding wall will be more memorable if you put more thought into it. Modern construction hoardings often resemble pieces of art rather than mere construction barriers.

Thats a Wrap

Construction site hoardings protect both the public and the workers that populate the area. For a more eye-catching visual representation of the final product, you may have the boards printed. Health and safety are still important reasons to have hoarding construction installed, and you may use them to promote your business in London and the surrounding regions.

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