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How is Medical Marijuana helping in eating disorders

Medical Marijuana Naples Florida

If you are having symptoms similar to those that eating disorders have, you should contact the experts at My Florida Green. Eating disorders are one of the conditions on the qualifying list, but it is crucial that you must see a qualified Medical Marijuana physician that can evaluate your condition to determine if Medical Marijuana Naples Florida will be beneficial for you.

Medical Marijuana Doctor Marco Island
Medical Marijuana Doctor Marco Island

What are eating disorders?

  • Binge eating:

In the United States, binge eating has been seen as the most common form of eating disorder and involves uncontrolled eating, often to the point where the person feels discomfort but still does not feel full. This causes severe weight gain for the person suffering from it, and feelings of extreme guilt and shame usually follow a period of binge eating Medical Marijuana Doctor Marco Island.

  • Bulimia Nervosa:

In this condition, the periods of binge eating are combine with subsequent episodes of purges resulting in self-induced vomiting, laxatives, and behaviors to compensate, like excessive exercise or fasting. The people suffering from this can be slightly underweight or overweight.

  • Anorexia Nervosa:

It is the less common eating disorder as compare to binge eating and Bulimia, but sadly of all mental illnesses, Anorexia is sadly associate with the highest death rate. Anorexia nervosa is characterize by the sufferers believing that they are significantly overweight, even though they are dangerously underweight. This fear of being overweight leads to severe starvation, food restrictions, and gradual physical wasting.

Medical Marijuana Doctor Melbourne
Medical Marijuana Doctor Melbourne
  • Rumination disorder & Pica:

These two are the less common eating disorders, where rumination disorder involves the regurgitation of food. In contrast, Pica consumes non-nutritious and non-food items like eating charcoal or chalk.

Medical Marijuana Naples Florida and Eating Disoders:

A widespread but incorrect perception is that eating disorder is due to
destructive behaviors and self-control. Research has shown that eating
disorders stem from biological, behavioral, psychological, and social factors and a genetic component is present.

Research has shown that about 64% of people with eating disorders also suffer from anxiety disorders. So, and 40% have obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD). Medical Marijuana Doctor Melbourne has shown significant positive results for tackling anxiety and reducing compulsions that arise from disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia. As a result, the feelings of anxiety and worry are lessened. Subsequently, the person naturally feels more relaxed and perceives food intake as beneficial. Also, and will not have obsessive worry about gaining weight.

Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota
Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota

Medical Marijuana is a great alternative form of treating eating disorders. Also, as its effects range from reducing anxiety and compulsive behaviors to influencing the metabolic system and stimulating appetite.

How to get Medical Marijuana for eating disorders?

Eating disorders are a qualifying condition for Cannabis use, so if you want to seek the expertise of an expert. So, you must contact experts at My Florida Green. The physicians at My Florida Green will review your condition, evaluate your past medical history. Also, and do an assessment to determine the best treatment available for you. They will also get you enrolled to obtain the Medical Marijuana Card if they determine that you will benefit from using Medical Marijuana. To get start on your Marijuana journey, reach out to an expert at My Florida Green today.

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